Cuban Honeymoon – Part 3: Diving Cayo Largo

Moray eel - Cuba - Cayo Largo diving

This is the final post in this three-part series. The first part covered the diving at Punta Perdiz, near Playa Giron in the Bay of Pigs. The second part was about snorkelling in the Bay of Pigs.

Cayo Largo is a small island off the south coast of Cuba with no indigenous population. It is the opposite of the sort of place I would normally look to go to – a resort entirely fabricated for tourists. However, the diving is good here and after nine days on the go touring Cuba in the full sun the easy life appealed. Continue reading Cuban Honeymoon – Part 3: Diving Cayo Largo

Cuban Honeymoon – Part 1: Diving the Bay of Pigs

Sponges - Punta Perdiz

I recently got married, and as is customary organised a dive trip honeymoon to relax in the aftermath. I will spare you the romance and the details of our visits to Havana and Trinidad (the city in Central Cuba, not the country) as you can find plenty of information about those places elsewhere (and if I do write it up I will add a link later). What follows is a summary of the diving part of my our Cuban honeymoon. Continue reading Cuban Honeymoon – Part 1: Diving the Bay of Pigs

Free Preview of ‘Diving Equipment’ by Jonas Arvidsson

Closed-circuit rebreather

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