Treasures, Shipwrecks and the Dawn of Red Sea Diving

A Pioneer's Journey

by Howard Rosenstein, Foreword by Sylvia Earle and David Doubilet



Due for publication July 2024.

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Howard Rosenstein wasn’t just opening the first dive school in Sharm El-Sheikh; he was cracking open a hidden world in Sinai. This true story dives headfirst into those ground-breaking times, where celebrated guests, uncharted dives and historical discoveries became the extraordinary routine.

It’s a tale of grit, where resourcefulness and connections fuelled Howard’s pioneering spirit. From Roman coins glinting on the seabed to the dark, unmapped depths, his dives unveiled sunken treasures and secrets of the past. But these weren’t just underwater adventures — they were tightrope walks between nations still at war. He braved floods, assisted grounded ships, and even braved the depths of Mount Sinai itself.

Howard’s journey wasn’t a solitary one. He rubbed shoulders with underwater legends, bestselling authors, true photography greats, and even world leaders. He navigated murky shipwrecks, charmed amorous sharks, and found himself a player in the delicate dance of peace negotiations.

Through his dive centers, first in the Mediterranean and then exploding onto the Sinai scene, Howard became a pioneer of recreational diving. He shared the magic of the underwater world with a generation, igniting a passion that would forever burn, his only desire that it would never end. But peace, like the tide, comes with a change.

Dive deep into the extraordinary story of the entrepreneur who pioneered Red Sea dive tourism with a cast of unforgettable characters. How a dive school in a train carriage at the edge of the desert became a global destination. A journey of success and purpose.

Illustrated throughout with 200 images by the author and others including renowned underwater photographer David Doubilet.


‘A rollicking fun tale… Scuba divers worldwide are indebted to them’– Kathy Sullivan, history-making astronaut and oceanographer.

‘Once in a great while a book comes along that combines masterful storytelling, riveting adventure, charismatic characters, and meaningful messages that will continue to haunt you long after the last page is turned. For me, Treasures, Shipwrecks and the Dawn of Red Sea Diving is that book… I urge readers to dive into this book for vicarious adventure, for insight into a life well lived, for reasons why you, too, should succumb to the urge to submerge, and for unbelievable stories that are most wonderful because they are true’– Sylvia Earle, Oceanographer, Founder of Mission Blue (from the Foreword).

‘A fascinating story. Howard’s diving life took him from ancient history, to being among the first to see sharks mate in the wild, to world politics as his pioneering efforts helped make the wonders of the Red Sea available to divers from around the world.’– Marty Snyderman, underwater photographer, author and photojournalist.

‘A fascinating story that, if it was not the real-life of Howard Rosenstein, it would make a first-class adventure novel.’– Dan Orr, Diving Industry Consultant.

‘A captivating voyage through the exotic wonders of the Middle East, above in the Sinai desert and beneath the cobalt blue waters of the fabled Red Sea. His ability to traverse cultures and disciplines while remaining true to his vision is inspiring. This book records one man’s adventures pioneering scuba diving during high politics in the Middle East and is a testament to the transformative power of curiosity, determination, love for the ocean and the desert, and respect for the world around us. I urge you to pick up a copy and embark on this thrilling journey’– Amos Nachoum, award wining nature photographer and diving travel pioneer,

‘Howard Rosenstein had a dream that he made a reality – he built, and they came.’– David Doubilet (from the Foreword).

About the Author

Howard Rosenstein is a one-off who was inducted into the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame in 2009. In this memoir, he shares some of the more surprising as well as his favorite stories from the early part of his long diving career.

Foreword writers: Sylvia Earle is a marine biologist, oceanographer, National Geographic Explorer and founder of Mission Blue; David Doubilet is a renowned underwater photographer.

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