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Jeff Goodman

Action Camera Underwater Video Basics: The Essential Guide to Making Underwater Films


With a Foreword by Kip Evans.

Avoid common mistakes and make great underwater video. A lifetime of knowledge in one handy book full of stunning images shot with a small action camera.


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Action Camera Underwater Video Basics shows how to capture fantastic video and turn it into engaging sequences. Small cameras such as those made by GoPro, SeaLife and Paralenz have become well-established in both the amateur and professional markets. Their size, quality and low cost make then highly desirable. They are easy to use, even for the most non-technical people, but they have more depth to them than one might first imagine. Award-winning underwater cameraman Jeff Goodman shows how versatile they can be and how to get the best out of them.

The book looks at important camera features and cuts through the dizzying array of equipment choices. Homing in on what is useful for underwater videoing, Jeff provides the vital background knowledge needed to achieve stunning results, again and again. He discusses the mistakes that many budding film-makers make and shows how to construct meaningful video sequences which will keep the viewer interested. He introduces us to the editing process and reveals his basic technique for continued success. There is even a guide to taking better stills, both in the water and later from the video which has been shot. The book concludes with two exercises that put the theory into practice. Although technology moves on at a pace, some things will always remain true. Nowadays shooting exclusively with tiny action cameras, Jeff shares his knowledge from a lifetime of work on prestigious filming projects.


An excellent read, reminding us of the basics of great footage and stills underwater. His focus is on small action cameras (GoPro, Paralenz, Sealife…) and the beauty is that they are accessible to almost any diver, as are the basics of good diving and great ethical attitude. I applaud Jeff for his approach and his writing about the choices you have to make as an underwater ambassador. It’s not okay to damage reefs, have no awareness for your surroundings. We are privileged to witness amazing events and be part of mind-blowing encounters underwater, the least we can do is be informed to be able too anticipate on certain behaviour and hence… get better footage! Great read, great tips for use of the cameras and for shooting and editing! Worth the read and your time! — Ellen Cuylaerts, ocean advocate, underwater & wildlife photographer, Fellow International in the Explorers Club, public speaker, Women Divers Hall of Fame.

A great book for anyone planning to get underwater with their action camera.  As an expert in underwater video, Jeff makes it easy to get good results with your action camera beneath the surface
Sven Harms, VP SeaLife Underwater Imaging & Lighting

Today camera technology and affordability has meant that anyone can capture good underwater footage automatically. However, with only a small amount of extra knowledge that same, simple technology can be used to capture incredible underwater images. This book contains all you need to achieve this. Jeff’s aim is to target the learning to cover small, action cameras so as not to overburden with useless information. Armed with this book, some creativity and the, now ubiquitous, small action cameras you can achieve some very impressive results.–Andy Torbet, underwater explorer, cave diver, freediver, skydiver, climber, outdoorsman and TV presenter

I have known Jeff for quite some time and have been privileged to work with him and see his skills and knowledge regarding underwater photography and videography. What really impresses me is how he can take a complex topic and break it into simple, easy to understand terms. I am a diver, not a camera expert and quite honestly, using them underwater has always filled me with dread. Floating in the water filming or photographing the same thing 20 times to get a great shot has proved extremely frustrating. Following Jeff’s instruction in this beautifully written, graphic rich publication will allow camera users, no matter what environment they are diving in, to get those shots that they dreamed of.– Paul V Toomer, President, RAID Diver Training Agency

The perfect roadmap to help divers of any skill level learn to shoot video in the sea– Kip Evans, professional photographer and underwater explorer (from the Foreword).

About the Author of Action Camera Underwater Video Basics

Jeff Goodman is an award-winning cameraman and director experienced in wildlife, underwater, aerial and sound sync lighting camera work. Jeff started his TV career making a series of 30 minute underwater films in 1980 with his associate Laurie Emberson. With over 10,000 professional dives to his name, Jeff has travelled the world filming in a variety of environments while working for the BBC, National Geographic, Discovery and many other international production companies.

The Foreword author

Award-winning filmmaker, photographer, and explorer Kip Evans has led or participated in more than 70 expeditions throughout the world, including assignments in Antarctica, the Arctic, Costa Rica, Chile, and the Galapagos Islands. As a photographer, he has worked on dozens of National Geographic Society projects since 1998, including the five-year Sustainable Seas project to explore and document US National Marine Sanctuaries.

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