The Diver and the Cook

Trapped in 102 Feet of Water

by Lasse Spang Olsen



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Following disaster in a storm, a story of courage emerges. This true tale of a seemingly impossible underwater rescue explores the determination of the human spirit and the unwavering power of hope.

The Diver and the Cook is a gripping true story of survival against all odds. Join Harrison, a galley chef, as he fights to stay alive after his ship goes down. Meanwhile, Nico, a rookie commercial diver, faces a daunting challenge: leading the rescue mission in a treacherous underwater environment. With each passing hour, the pressure mounts. Will Nico’s skills be enough to save Harrison before it’s too late?

Experience the suspenseful rescue operation first-hand, narrated by the heroes themselves. Authentic photos and meticulous reconstructions bring this incredible story to life.

  • Gripping and unprecedented rescue operation.
  • Unique perspective on the dangers and challenges faced by divers.
  • Importance of teamwork and communication in high-risk situations.
  • Incredible survival story against all odds.

About the author

Veteran filmmaker Lasse Spang Olsen boasts a 40+ year career. He’s participated in stunts and FX on over 600 films, directed eleven features, and filmed extensively underwater. He’s led expeditions uncovering historical mysteries like the Flying Enterprise wreck and documented adventures worldwide. He’s also a producer, lecturer and author. The Diver and the Cook was originally published in Denmark as Dykkeren of Kokken (Feb 2024).

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