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Dived Up Publications is your one-stop shop for in-depth diving knowledge. We’re a passionate team of independent publishers crafting specialist books for underwater enthusiasts of all levels.

Beyond the Basics: Dive Deeper

Our mission is to transcend introductory manuals and provide serious and casual divers alike with beautifully designed, meticulously researched resources. We strive to create timeless classics that become trusted companions on your aquatic adventures.

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Delve into our diverse collection encompassing underwater photography and videography, diving equipment guides, freediving manuals, location-specific travel companions, captivating biographies, maritime history explorations, marine life identification resources, and a range of logbooks. We also champion niche titles from other independent publishers, ensuring a wealth of unique voices reaches your bookshelf.

Combining Expertise for Exceptional Books

By merging our love for diving with publishing prowess, we curate exciting and original content that caters specifically to the underwater community. From supplying bookstores and dive shops to offering popular eBook formats, we ensure our knowledge reaches you wherever you are.

Become a Part of Our Story

Do you have a diving story waiting to be shared? We welcome book proposals from aspiring authors! Simply visit our Submissions page and fill out our easy-to-use form to get started on your publishing journey.

Dived Up Editor-in-Chief

Alex Gibson - Dived Up Publications

Alex Gibson brings a blend of media experience and diving expertise to Dived Up Publications. Growing up surrounded by books in a publishing house ignited his passion for the written word, which he later channelled into broadcast television. But the allure of the underwater world eventually drew him back to the world of publishing.

A partner at Waterside Press and a member of the Independent Publishers Guild, Alex leveraged his publishing knowledge to launch Dived Up in 2012. Fuelled by his love for diving, he envisioned expanding the range of high-quality titles available to divers.

A Passionate Diver and Advocate

A certified PADI and BSAC instructor (though currently inactive), Alex’s diving adventures have spanned continents. From the vibrant reefs of the Red Sea and Caribbean to the diverse ecosystems of Thailand, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand, he embraces every opportunity to explore beneath the waves.

Closer to home, Alex holds a special fondness for UK diving, particularly off the south coast of England. As a former member of Oxford BSAC, he played a crucial role in their 2013 Heinke Trophy win, a testament to his dedication to promoting scuba diving.

A Lifelong Learner with a Camera in Hand

Alex’s enthusiasm for underwater photography fuels his continuous learning quest. Though he humbly acknowledges not yet reaching the level of Dived Up’s esteemed authors, his membership in the British Society of Underwater Photographers reflects his commitment to honing his skills.