Maldives Guides from Atoll Editions

Atoll Editions produce high-quality Maldives guides for divers, holidaymakers, students, marine biologists and others. Now, Dived Up brings these engrossing, beautiful Maldives dive books, field guides, maps and more with plentiful imagery to the UK and Europe for the first time.

The Fourth Edition (2023) of Dive Maldives features over 350 dive sites, plus new resorts and maps. The book is the result of Tim Godfrey’s 25+ years of research.

The waterproof Maldives Fishes Field Guide – Top 200+ perfectly complements the best-selling Fishes of the Maldives, while the waterproof Maldives Marine Life Field Guide covers hard and soft corals, echinoderms and other species.

The Resort Map of the Maldives is a detailed fold-out map of the 868 km (539 miles) long archipelago showing the atolls, location of the resorts, as well as the other features.

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Showing all 7 results