Coral Triangle Cameos

Biodiversity and the small majority

by Alan J Powderham, with Sancia van der Meij (scientific consultant), Foreword by Burt Jones and Maurine Shimlock



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Dive into the Hidden Wonders of the Coral Triangle.

The Coral Triangle, a kaleidoscope of marine life, boasts the greatest biodiversity on Earth. Yet, most focus on the giants of the deep. Coral Triangle Cameos dives deeper, celebrating the “small majority” — the tiny but vital creatures that power this underwater paradise.

Renowned underwater photographer Alan Powderham brings the unseen to life with stunning visuals and the fascinating science behind these diminutive wonders.

Uncover a Secret World: Explore the crucial role of these often-overlooked creatures in maintaining the Coral Triangle’s health.

  • Witness breath-taking underwater photography showcasing the dazzling diversity of the “small majority.”
  • Gain scientific insights from a leading researcher, unveiling the intricate dance of life on the reef.
  • Embrace the unseen and discover the true heart of the Coral Triangle.

Coral Triangle Cameos is captivating for:

  • Scuba divers and ocean enthusiasts;
  • Anyone fascinated by the hidden wonders of the natural world;
  • Readers seeking a deeper understanding of marine conservation

About the Author

This dynamic duo returns after their critically acclaimed collaboration, At the Heart of the Coral Triangle (2020). Alan J Powderham is a seasoned underwater photographer with over 40 years of experience capturing the magic of the ocean depths.

Scientific Consultant

Dr. Sancia van der Meij is a leading marine biologist with extensive field experience in the Coral Triangle, and is passionate about unravelling the secrets of coral reefs.

Foreword writers

Burt Jones and Maurine Shimlock are award-winning photographers whose work can be found at and are administrators of Indonesia’s website.

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