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Gift Guide for Underwater Explorers #3: Destinations

Dive Destinations

One of the prime motivations in learning to dive is all the interesting travel it opens up. Then picking where to go and how to get the best out of your trips becomes your new pleasant problem. So here are some guides to some of our favourite places to dive.

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Gift Guide for Underwater Explorers #1

Gift guide for scuba divers

Whether just starting out or an experienced salty seadog, divers never stop learning. The next lesson is always just around the corner, whether we choose it or not.

As we can only ever spend a relatively short amount of time in the water, on-land preparation is key to getting the most out of our adventures, especially as we get more experienced. The more you know, the more you realise you have yet to learn.

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Reviews of The Sea Lions of Los Islotes

Book reviews - The Sea Lions of Los Islotes

“With his child-like enthusiasm and extraordinary attention to detail, Luke Inman shares his perception of the underwater world in a way no other can. He brings out the character and charm of the sea lions he photographs in a beautiful and unique way. It is through his storytelling, both visual and narrative that we are able to see these lovely sea lions in a new light.”

Amanda Cotton, Photographer

‘All these glories have been made possible by Luke, his enthusiasm, his knowledge, and passion for the part of the world he has made home.’

Steve Backshall, TV Presenter.

“Time spent at Los Islotes is time to be cherished. This colony of sea lions are inviting and provide moments you remember for a lifetime. Photographing them is challenging, they move very quickly and come so close, you have to understand them. It is difficult to balance all the components of light, exposure and composition. Luke has shared all his experience, sentiment and special connection with these animals in this book. Simply beautiful photographs capturing the wonder of this place and the animals.”

Greg Lecoeur, Photographer and Naturalist
Sea Lions Los Islotes cover small