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Underwater Photography for Freedivers and Snorkellers

A freediver - at one with a camera

Having been privileged to win awards in competitive freediving over the years, I have realised that much of the equipment and many of the techniques lend themselves well for the benefit of underwater photographers when not using scuba. I also realised that these benefits could be exploited at all levels, from the fledgling snorkeller to heavily equipped specialist freedivers. Knowing that the popularity of underwater photography while freediving is increasing rapidly, and as an underwater photographer myself, it struck me that there were horizons to be expanded for all. Continue reading Underwater Photography for Freedivers and Snorkellers

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Free Preview of ‘Glass and Water’ by Mark Harris

This is a free online preview of the paperback version of ‘Glass and Water: The Essential Guide to Freediving for Underwater Photography’ by Mark Harris, provided by Google Books. See below the preview for help. Click the Google button to go to the Preview:

The controls are at the top of the preview and the scrollbar to the right of the preview. For more details about the book follow this link: Glass and Water by Mark Harris.