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Martin Edge on “Glass and Water”

Glass and Water

Renowned underwater photographer Martin Edge gives his opinion on Mark Harris’ new book:

“If you have ever considered adding a brand new dimension to your underwater photography a productive choice would be freediving. There are so many underwater photographic opportunities available within a zone that can be so inflexible using scuba. To my knowledge this is the first book that delves into the subject of freediving for underwater photography. Glass and Water: The Essential Guide to Freediving for Underwater Photography draws on the secret world of competitive freediving, extracting many useful hints and tips which lend themselves towards the underwater photographer. This is also endorsed by contributions from renowned and established freediving underwater photographers whose accounts put theory into practice. Also, to bring this topic to the forefront of your imagination, there is a chapter devoted to a virtual freediving underwater shoot. Simply put, this book is different to anything I have read before on underwater photography and unless you are a competitive freediver, it’s most unlikely that you’ll come away without learning something brand new and innovative. I know that I did. I think the delivery is just right to appeal to the freediving community and also established underwater photographers who are enthusiastic to further their own skills and abilities with freediving. The book is a good size with illustrations and images to ‘back up the text’. I’m very impressed indeed.”

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