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Gift Guide for Underwater Explorers #1

Gift guide for scuba divers

Whether just starting out or an experienced salty seadog, divers never stop learning. The next lesson is always just around the corner, whether we choose it or not.

As we can only ever spend a relatively short amount of time in the water, on-land preparation is key to getting the most out of our adventures, especially as we get more experienced. The more you know, the more you realise you have yet to learn.

Usefully, some of those who went before have shared what they have learned. Their books make great gifts for divers – for inspiration, education and fascination they are hard to beat.

Our talented writers and underwater photographers put years of experience into their work and at Dived Up we produce books that any diver will be excited to receive. For the festive season, we’ve broken down our catalogue to make it easier to pinpoint that perfect gift for a diver.

For Action Camera (GoPro) Users

Underwater GoPro video tips

Aimed specifically at users of popular small video cameras (e.g. GoPro, Sealife etc), but largely relevant regardless of which camera you take underwater. Expert director, cameraman and video instructor Jeff Goodman pulls together all of his experience from a lifetime of work on documentaries to show how to get the best out of these fantastic little devices. Action Camera Underwater Video Basics explains how to plan, shoot and edit sequences which hold viewers’ interest. Putting his money where his mouth is, Jeff illustrates his points throughout using photos taken exclusively with an action camera.

And for photographers?

Have a look at our Underwater Photography section.

For all divers

diving equipment book

Find out how it works – in Diving Equipment Jonas Arvidsson’s intricate technical drawings explore the kit divers use. He shows the differences between devices, their functions and how to maintain gear that has been invested in. Great for anyone interested in how scuba gear enables us to spend time underwater – reviewers said it ‘should be on every diver’s bookshelf.’


It is Nick Lyon’s ‘innate ability to zero in on all of the foibles that make the British diving scene so unlike anything else on the planet that makes The Diver’s Tale such an enjoyable read.’ Having also been described as ‘A brilliant book,’ and ‘full of heart and humour, and well worth reading’ it is no wonder reviewers also say ‘If you haven’t already, treat yourself.’

Log Books

Scuba log books

We also have a great value range of Diving Log Books. Many divers still use paper records to keep all their fondest diving memories in one place, sitting down at the end of a day’s diving with a drink recalling all the things they’ve seen. It is also a place that a buddy/instructor can sign/verify any dives, and somewhere to collect dive shop stamps and stickers as souvenirs.

Coming up

In Part 2 we look at Wreck Diving Books.

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