Simon Mills review of Expedition Britannic

HMHS Britannic and Expedition Britannic

I must have followed countless technical dives to the Britannic over the years, from Kevin Gurr’s trailblazing IANTD expedition in 1997, to Nick Hope’s Starfish Enterprise team in 1998 and Jarrod Jablonski’s Global Underwater Explorers the following year. Between them these three groups were pivotal in formulating the early procedures and protocols for accessing deep wrecks, and at 119 metres there can be no doubt that the Britannic is worthy of her reputation as the Mount Everest of technical diving.

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‘One of the few diving titles that everyone should own’

review of Diving Equipment

We scuba dive only by virtue of technology. Diving equipment directly affects our comfort, efficiency and safety underwater and at the surface. And yet, despite our dependence upon it, we often overlook diving equipment’s importance, a case of not seeing the wood for the trees. Like most experienced divers I have owned and rented lots of scuba gear, but I have also taught people to use it, sold it, written about it in books and reviewed it for diving magazines.  In my experience there is a huge information vacuum that this new guide, Diving Equipment: Choice, maintenance and function by Jonas Arvidsson fills perfectly. It is one of the few diving titles out there that everyone should own and, in my view, should be a required text for those diving professionals working in instruction, supervision or sales. Continue reading ‘One of the few diving titles that everyone should own’