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Gift Guide for Underwater Explorers #3: Destinations

Dive Destinations

One of the prime motivations in learning to dive is all the interesting travel it opens up. Then picking where to go and how to get the best out of your trips becomes your new pleasant problem. So here are some guides to some of our favourite places to dive.

And don’t miss the additional destinations already covered in our Wreck book guide – the Red Sea, Greece, USA/Canada and UK.


Luke Inman captures the charisma, curiosity and playfulness of The Sea Lions of Los Islotes in his beautiful new book. As a resident dive shop owner, Luke has spent many years getting to know the local marine inhabitants, gaining their trust and taking award-winning photographs along the way. Filled with his images and personal anecdotes, the book is also a guide and a souvenir – perfect for anyone with a craving for marine life encounters.


Maldives marine life diving books

The Maldives’ exciting biodiversity and pristine coral reefs will always attract divers. Atoll Editions publishes various guide books and these are distributed in the UK by Dived Up.

For those interested in fishes and sharks we recommend Fishes of the Maldives. There are two Field Guides – featuring the Top 200+ sharks, rays and fishes, and the Top 200+ species of marine invertebrates, plants, mammals and reptiles. Resort Map of the Maldives is a detailed fold-out map of the entire archipelago showing the location of atolls, resorts, protected marine areas, airports and guest house islands. For the history, geography and other facts about the archipelago there is Atlas of the Maldives: A Reference for Travellers, Divers and Sailors.

See our Maldives section for more.


Malta diving books

A popular destination for divers from all around Europe, Malta provides plenty of reasons for repeat visits. Not least the choice of different island experiences, as highlighted by the availability of these two fantastic books. Peter Lemon’s Scuba Diving Malta Gozo Comino is an A4-sized book covering the entire archipelago. Richard Salter’s travel-friendly Diving Gozo and Comino is a guide to the quieter northern islands where time can seem to stand still. With many shore and boat diving experiences and decent year-round water temperatures Malta is always a good choice.

United Kingdom

UK diving books

As any regular British diver will tell you the waters of the United Kingdom are full of interest, with wonderful wildlife experiences and wrecks galore. In Wild and Temperate Seas Will Appleyard (and friends) introduce fish, seal, shark, crustacean, bird and octopus encounters which sit alongside steamships, wartime wrecks and maritime history. They visit the four nations that make up our islands to share their 50 Favourite UK Dives.

For those with a distinctly south coast orientation to their UK diving, Will’s stylish earlier guide Dorset Dives is the go-to book, featuring 50 of the Jurassic Coast’s diving hotspots.

Nick Lyon’s The Diver’s Tale is a (mostly) amusing, self-deprecating, often too honest and occasionally tragic personal take on diving which will strike a chord in particular with British divers. It is ‘a brilliantly British book, full of heart and humour.’

See our United Kingdom section for more.

And more…

Wreck diving books

Don’t miss the additional destinations already covered in our Wreck book guide – the Red Sea, Greece and USA/Canada.

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