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Gift Ideas for the Diver in Your Life

Gifts for divers

Finding gifts for divers can be a pain – they either already own all the kit they need, or if they want something new it tends to be expensive.

We can only ever spend a relatively short period in the water, so on-land preparation is key to getting the most out of dives, especially as we get more experienced. The more you know, the more you realise you have yet to learn.

We’re here to help!

This is why books make great gifts for divers. And they come into their own during those months when there is little diving going on. Our talented writers and underwater photographers put their years of experience into their work, producing books that any will be excited to receive.

Here we run through a few present ideas, broken down into typical interest areas. We hope the guide helps – let us know if you find it useful!

Gifts for Divers: Wreck Heads

Wreck diving books

If you look nowhere else, treat a metal geek to a dive on Titanic’s sister ship. In the recently released Expedition Britannic, Rick Ayrton narrates and illustrates the two-year journey from concept, to planning, to fulfilment of the dream of diving this most iconic of deep wrecks.

A much more accessible wreck and a firm favourite with so many, our next book contains the visionary imagery which led to lead author Simon Brown winning a prestigious award. Diving the Thistlegorm marries state-of-the-art photogrammetry techniques, underwater photography from the masterful Alex Mustard and original historical research to produce the most accurate, complete, and fascinating guide possible.

If maritime history is more thing you should also definitely consider Erik Petkovic’s Lake Erie Technical Wreck Diving Guide. The book breathes life into some incredibly well preserved shipwrecks, their passengers and crews, then explains how to dive them.

Back in the UK, Nick Lyon’s The Forgotten Shipwreck is a study in wreck research and social history as his team sought answers in the mystery of this Cornish tragedy in which 31 souls perished.

As any British diver will tell you, the UK is surrounded by wrecks. So, it should come as no surprise that a healthy portion of Wild and Temperate Seas: 50 Favourite UK Dives is dedicated to some of the best metal sites in our isles. Amongst them you’ll find Scapa Flow, Mull, Plymouth and Dorset dives to write home about.

See more gifts for divers in our Wrecks section.

For Photographers and Videographers

Underwater photography books and underwater video books

New for 2021 we have a how-to guide which is aimed specifically at users of small underwater cameras like GoPro, Paralenz, Sealife and so on. Expert director, cameraman and video instructor Jeff Goodman now only uses this type of camera. In Action Camera Underwater Video Basics he pulls together all of his experience from a lifetime of professional work to show how to get the best out of them. And a large part of the book contains video and production tips which are relevant to any camera user, large or small.

As the title suggests, Winning Images with Any Underwater Camera will help improve your chances in competitions, but it is so much more than that. An in-depth guide to underwater composition and techniques, Paul Colley explains how to make images which really grab the imagination. Sure to improve any developing underwater photographer, and for about the price of a neoprene lens cap.

In a niche all its own, Glass and Water was the first and still the only book dedicated to freediving for underwater photography. Teaching the skills, practice and adaptations recommended for pursuing underwater photography without tanks, the book is highly regarded.

Of course, many of our books contain fantastic images by accomplished underwater photographers, so if you just want something full of beautiful pictures then read on for more gifts for divers!

For Marine Life Lovers

Marine life books for divers

With the world finally opening for tourism again, the Maldives is a destination to aspire to visit for many reasons, not least exciting marine life encounters and pristine coral reefs. Our various guide books will suit people with a particular interest in fishes and sharks – Fishes of the Maldives – corals, crustaceans, echinoderms, plants, reptiles, birds, mammals and other animals – Marine Life of the Maldives – or the history, geography and other facts about the archipelago – Atlas of the Maldives.

Of course, as any British marine life lover will tell you 😊 the UK is home to a fascinating array of creatures and wonderful wildlife experiences. In Wild and Temperate Seas: 50 Favourite UK Dives there are fish, seal, shark, crustacean, bird and octopus encounters, to name but a few.

For youngsters who aren’t yet divers, teenage wildlife photographer and blogger Alex White’s Get Your Boots On will motivate them to explore their local area for land-based creatures. And there are also bits on seals, whales, dolphins and snorkelling to whet their appetite for the oceans.

See also our Wildlife section.

For Warm-Water Divers

Books on warm water diving

As mentioned in ‘For Marine Life Lovers’, there is a Maldives guide for everyone. And the cargo-filled wreck of the British World War II steamship Thistlegorm sits in the warm waters of the Red Sea.

Back in Europe, year-round holiday destination Malta is a great place to visit. With the water never dropping below 15 degrees C, mid-winter diving in a drysuit is very comfortable, but in summer a thin wetsuit is sufficient. In Diving Gozo & Comino, local dive guide Richard Salter details over 70 sites on the relaxing smaller islands of the archipelago, including many accessible from the shore.  

See also our Dive Guides section for more gifts for divers.

For Cold Water Divers

Books on diving in colder waters

The already mentioned books Lake Erie Technical Wreck Diving Guide, and Wild and Temperate Seas fall into this category and are good choices for drysuit divers.

So too does Viz contributor Nick Lyon’s ‘skilled’ expose of UK diving, The Diver’s Tale. Tapping into the essence of British have-a-go spirit, this ‘do not try this at home’ non-guide is a refreshing antidote to the very serious business of safely conducting dives. Certainly not recommended – but buy at least two copies and before reading make sure you warm-up your chuckling muscles.

Back on more familiar water, Will Appleyard’s Dorset Dives is a highly-visual guide to fifty or so recreational-depth wrecks and reefs reachable from some of the south coast of England’s most popular holiday destinations.

Gifts for Divers: Newly Qualified and Future Divers

Book which make ideal gifts for novice divers

So, which of these are suitable for new divers? Any destination guide would be a good choice. For new UK divers Wild and Temperate Seas is a great overview which will provide years of ideas. Jonas Arvidsson’s Diving Equipment was described by one reviewer as a book that ‘every diver should own’ and it certainly covers things that diving courses do not.

Joking aside (see ‘For Cold Water Divers’), The Diver’s Tale is an insight into the culture which will give any new UK diver a leg-up in understanding their salty weird new friends.

And we have log book designs to suit any diver.

For Technical Divers

Books on technical diving

One of the pinnacles of deep wreck diving, Expedition Britannic is a book any technical diver will be happy to receive. If they don’t before, they will want to dive her after they’ve read it. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Not as deep, but no less important to plan properly, Lake Erie Technical Wreck Diving Guide has everything needed to prepare for these challenging dives.

See also our Technical Diving section.

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