How to Choose a Diving Knife

Diving Knife

(This is an excerpt about diving knife options taken from Jonas Arvidsson’s book Diving Equipment: Choice, maintenance and function).

“If you look at the size of many diving knives you might be led to believe that they are primarily weapons. This is not the case, a diving knife is a tool used for picking, digging, and measuring. You face a minimal risk of entanglement underwater, so it is also useful for cutting yourself loose from fishing nets or line, and seaweed or kelp. For this reason, it is important to ensure the knife remains sharp and that it has a serrated edge since this is actually more useful underwater. Continue reading How to Choose a Diving Knife

Choosing a Diving Suit by Water Temperature

Divers in wetsuits heading for a shore dive

Choosing a diving suit can be a perplexing task. If you’ve dived in the exact same conditions before (and kept a note in your log book) then it should be easy. But what if not? Here Jonas Arvidsson offers a simple explanation of the options available. Continue reading Choosing a Diving Suit by Water Temperature